Introducing ragTech, Meet Our Team and Demystify Tech with us!

Introducing ragTech, Meet Our Team and Demystify Tech with us!

Our first episode is finally here! Join us for the bytes and banter!

We often hear about "developer burnout," and for those outside the tech industry, it's easy to imagine programmers as god-like individuals with superpowers, capable of typing over 140 words per minute and staring at multiple monitors in a dark room for hours on end. But is this really true?

What is this "tech industry" like really? Whether you are working in a non-technical industry or not, technology is at the forefront of our lives in this era.

This article is a summary of our first episode of ragTech! If you want to get the full experience listen on Spotify or watch on YouTube!

Welcome to ragTech!

Hi everyone! This is ragTech. We are a team of ragtag individuals who are passionate about content creation and you guessed it - tech! Hence, ragTech is born! Yes, it is in camel case~

Meet Our Team

Victoria Lo

In the first episode, you'll discover that Victoria's journey in tech began with game development using Visual Basic! She's also a tech blogger who constantly engages with her readers to empower them on their own journeys.

As shown in the first episode, she adores cats and can't resist petting Natasha's feline companions.

Natasha Ann

Natasha is extremely knowledgeable in the tech industry. As someone with experience in the software engineering field, she provides valuable insight into many of the topics discussed in this episode. Her profound understanding and expertise truly shine through!

It was thanks to Natasha that our first episode recording was done super smoothly, and be sure to spot Natasha's cats, Pip and Po, in the video!

Saloni Kaur

Being the most experienced in the tech industry within this team, it is easy to learn a lot from anything that Saloni shares. She has mentored a lot of people getting into tech and believes that "Teaching is the best way to learn".

In the first episode, she revealed that she starts her tech journey with game development too, on Flash (ActionScript)! She has dabbled into robotics as well and entered micro-mouse competitions!

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"People in tech earn a lot"

In reality, it's more of a spectrum, and it differs based on region. And the scaling depends on the company and the area you are in.

"You must learn the latest tech"

FOMO is often seen in tech because of this, but it really actually depends on whether your work requires it and the use case. If you don't need it, why learn it? If you don't use it, you lose it. Also, it can make the code unnecessarily complex.

"All people in tech know how to code"

Some people who work for tech companies can call themselves "working in tech" and people tend to think they are programmers. This is not the case because there are plenty of those who know little to no code like data analysts, etc.

Key points

1. ragTech is here to simplify tech for everyone

A lot of things in tech seem very intense and serious. We want to talk about tech in a more casual tone. Our first episode is a prelude to all the possible topics we want to explore more deeply in upcoming episodes. We are keeping things light and general before actually expanding on a lot of the things we talked about in this episode.

2. Tech is not just about software engineering, there are plenty of areas to explore

Most people would think that the path in tech is a one-way track to software engineering or AI. What about hardware? What about cybersecurity?

In this episode, our team lightly addresses this topic, resolving to increase the visibility of the various areas of tech that will be featured in future episodes of ragTech.

3. Career path in relation to passion vs. money

We talked about the balance of choosing a career in tech for the passion or the moolah. There are a lot of cases we see of burnout happening when the primary motivation to be in tech is simply for the pay.

We have also seen employers filtering resumes for those without side projects, as they deemed applicants as "less passionate" about the career. Of course, at the end of the day, it's not just about your GitHub commit history. We plan to explore more on this topic.


We hope you enjoyed our first episode of ragTech! Do leave your thoughts or any feedback in the comments below! What are some topics you would want us to talk about or cover? What are some areas we could improve on? Feel free to let us know!

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